CRN asks us : Which emerging tech is the best bet for the channel?

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From time to time we are asked by our industry magazines our thoughts on where our industry will go, here is a quick insight into our thoughts.

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Vox pop: Which emerging tech is the best bet for the channel?

Jason Garland
Director, Secure Access 

Focusing on the business aspect, the internet of things wrapped with business intelligence is a natural catalyst not only for our business, but all businesses. With the accumulation of internet of things devices, end users will be supplied with a lot of data from a lot of sensors. 

The driving force then will be how to understand the information they are receiving, how and why it is valuable to their business – and ways in which they may capitalise on this knowledge. 

Along with the sprawl of the internet of things in the future will come complementary channel work in networking, security and storage that resellers will need to be across to seize the opportunities presented. 

As a whole, while the internet of things is nice to have by itself, turning the investment into returns is what will drive the market space and its value to the channel to a new level.

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