Technology Advisory services

Partner with Secure Access for trusted technology advisory services backed by real-world commercial experience. We provide expert IT guidance in technology governance, risk management, due diligence, project management, business analysis, strategy, and technology planning.
Furthermore, our technology advisory services encompass technology planning, health assessment, disaster recovery, continuity planning, and merger and acquisition advice, ensuring that your technology investments are optimised, your systems are resilient, and your business remains agile and competitive.
Additionally, read more information below about how we can assist as your trusted technology adviser.
Technology Planning
How effective is your current technology solution? We will gain a thorough understanding of your business so we can develop relevant and strategically aligned technology plans that consistently support the achievement of your business objectives and long-term goals.
Technology Health Assessment
Does your technology enhance business operations and make your staff more productive? Are your systems secure? We can analyse your ICT infrastructure to identify system inefficiencies and security weaknesses that make your business vulnerable to threats. Our experts will provide recommendations for addressing pain points and optimising system security.
Disaster Recovery & Continuity Planning
How long can your business afford to be offline in the event of a technology failure, cyber attack, or accidental deletion? We will work with you to develop a recovery and continuity strategy to mitigate risk and get your business back online rapidly in the event you lose access to your technology systems and data.
Merger and Acquisition Advisory
Are you planning a merger or acquisition? We can help you understand your target's technical capabilities and develop strategy for merging multiple technology solutions into a single, coherent system.
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